Henckel & Sievers – Jakob Sievers & Anders Henckel. Black Incubus is developed and produced in collaboration with Jakob Sievers, the other half of Henckel & Sievers. This piece of furniture for The Lapidarium of Kings is based on the moulded body; the impression of the body sinking into darkness, the pitchblack sea. This piece of furniture expresses the balancing act between the comfortable and the uncomfortable. The body is enveloped and caressed by the darkness which acts as a sanctuary, a liberating breathing space embracing the body. At the same time the body is exposed as it is in a vulnerable position on the surface. As the body meets the piece of furniture it is seduced by the change between different sensuous surfaces; rough, smooth, stretched and draped.

Henckel Sievers – Black Incubus. SE Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2016. Pitch Black – Shadows and transparency, The Lapidarium of Kings, Christian IV’s Brewhouse.

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